Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Late Night Music 12/01/09 It's December! National Penguin Month!

I'm not actually sure if it's National Penguin Month. It should be.

The Swell Season
12:35pm on Ferguson (CBS)
Okay people. All aboard. This is the last call to jump on the "Marketa Irglova/Glen Hansard" train. For those of you who have been on this train with me for a while, I dedicate this post to you. For those who need some catching up... allow me to explain. Glen Hansard is the singer of the band The Frames. He is in a movie with Marketa called Once about two musicians who stumble upon each other and write/record an amazing album. The two wrote all the music in real life. Some of the tracks are featured on The Frames album The Cost but  Glen and Marketa also released their own album with those tracks under the band name The Swell Season (the album is self-titled). So. The Swell Season has recently released a new album called Strict Joy and it is incredible. The End. 
Watch this video of one of my favorite bands scheming with one of my favorite actors.

The Avett Brothers
12:35 on Fallon (NBC)
Rerun from 11/18/09
These guys have been flying under the radar for a while now. I'm glad their finally getting their foot in the spotlight. They played the song "Slight Figure of Speech" from their newest album I and Love and You, their first album after being signed to a major label. It was produced by Rick Rubin which is... pretty good. Anyway... if you don't know of these guys check 'em out. I remember quite clearly that I really didn't enjoy their performance but it's probably only because I've seen the actual music video for it and... well... it's awesome. Watch it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCyot1DWs48 (sorry I can't embed it...)

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