Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday and Friday

I'm going to be at a conference all week so I can't really do a real post.

What I can tell you is that Prince will be on Leno tonight and tomorrow. That's all you need to know anyway.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sounds of Late Night 3/25/09


All American Rejects
12:35pm on Fallon (NBC)
I'm not going to bullshit anyone right now. I like this band. The song "Gives You Hell" is a hit and I don't care what any of you music snobs say. I'm gonna watch this and it's not just because I enjoy Jimmy Fallon's hosting abilities.
They might be playing "I Wanna" the first song off of When the World Comes Down. It was recently released as the followup single to "Gives You Hell" but honestly it doesn't matter to me. Tyson Ritter is just so dreamy.

Ra Ra Riot
12:35pm on Ferguson (CBS)
You want to see a good live show? Check out Ra Ra Riot. They haven't been around for too long but they've found their place in the college music world. It's pretty much basic indie tracks and vocals with the addition of lovely ladies playing violin and cello. I have not one clue on what they're going to play. Let's see if Craig Ferguson can stop talking about himself for long enough so they can actually go on.

11:35 on Leno (NBC)
Yes. Prince and Leno together again at last. If you don't already know, Prince has been slowly releasing tracks online since the start of this year. It was all leading up to the release of LOtUSFLOW3R (yes, with a 3) his 25th studio album. But wait! You want more Prince!? Don't you worry. He's going to release a 2nd album called MPLSoUND. As if that weren't enough he's planning to be on Leno for 3 nights in a row to promote this explosion of releases. 
I don't recommend watching every night. I actually advise against it. Please don't get me wrong, Prince is an incredible musician, but I can only take so much in-your-face promotion.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

British Invasion Part Deux 3/24/09

The lineups are pretty dismal tonight. This is the only one I'm interested in. You should be too.

White Lies
11:30pm on Letterman (CBS)
This band is definitely a throwback to all those who came before them. If you haven't heard them before I suggest you check them out at least once. Their sound is familiar without being too cliche. I'm curious to see what their live show is like. I'm thinking they'll play "Farewell to the Fairground" which is only a safe bet because it's their latest single as of today. It's kind of dancey, kind of rocky, kind of... meh. I'm going to end by saying White Lies is definitely listenable, if not reminiscent of... a lot of established British bands.

Late Night Delights 3/23/09

It's Brittni's British Invasion Night picks. Enjoy!

Bloc Party
11:30pm on Letterman (CBS)
These guys recently played the House of Blues in Boston and I heard the show was incredible. They'll probably be playing something from their 3rd album Intimacy which was released in 2008. This album has definitely not yet seen the success of A Weekend in the City, their 2nd album that did better in both the US and their native UK on the charts. I'm going to predict that they'll play "One Month Off" (my favorite from the album and my pick to help launch this album into better sales). Speaking of which check out the video to this song, it's... interesting. While you're at it look up some of the remixes, there are some decent ones out there.

12:35am on Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
Don't hold your breath for a Smiths reunion. Just enjoy these last couple years of Morrissey. That's all I'm going to say.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay. I'll admit. I'm kind of late. Please feel free to blame me if you missed something on late night in the past month. I'm actually going to start doing this dance now. Maybe I'm saying this because I'm on spring break and have nothing else to do. Maybe I'm being genuine. It's hard to tell.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 18!!!!!! (AKA National Hangover Day)
The times I'm posting are the start times of the shows. I have absolutely no idea when the bands will play. You can't expect me to do all the work.

Modest Mouse
11:30pm on Letterman (CBS)
Definitely worth watching if you ask me. They're releasing an EP of b-sides from Good News... and We Were Dead... but it's not expected until late summer. I'm kind of curious as to what they're promoting...
12:05am on Kimmel (ABC)
Now I'm not particularly interested in this one but I hear it's what the kiddies are into these days. Just your basic electro house music. Two dj's join forces to do what they do best. Their second album Fist of God was released earlier today and I'm guessing they'll be playing the single "Bounce" although I could be wrong. The only thing that will make this interesting for me is to see them mix live. Personally, I can only appreciate MSTRKRFT with a drink in my hand and at least 3 strobe lights in the room.

Vampire Weekend
12:35am on Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
Okay, break out the African drums. Do I even have to pitch this one? Just when I thought Vampire Weekend was on the way down they snag a spot on Fallon. I'm not really surprised because the first few weeks of the show have been all of his favorites. Again, I'm not positive on what they're promoting especially since their first album has been out for a while now but I suppose since MTV milked them dry over the summer it's time for them to break out into something new.

So those are my picks. If these performances suck don't come crying to me.

Maybe I'll write a followup post and review the shows. But seriously. It's me. So don't hold your breath.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm not the rudest person around. But I'm up there.

I might invest some time in this idea. Basically what I want to do is create a series of cards, about the size of a business card and written on them will be rules for various situations. I'm talking off the cuff right now but hear me out.
Now lets say you're about to sit down and watch a movie with me... I hand you a small card and on it is a list of rules that you should probably follow if you respect our friendship.

e.g. "Hello friend. Thank you for accompanying me (in watching a movie). Here are a few things to keep in mind"
  1. Don't tell me the ending. Don't even allude to it.
  2. If something funny happens, don't repeat it or point it out. We're all watching the same thing and you are not in any way smarter for pointing it out.
  3. Don't ask what's going on. This is especially important if no one in the room has seen the movie. Just let us take the journey together. Movies usually reveal themselves by the end.
  4. Don't spend 4 scenes trying to figure out "where that guy is from." As strange as it sounds, actors usually have been in more than one movie. You can imdb it later. For now, spare us all.
This is just a sample of what I plan to do. I might put some more ideas on here for different situations. What I'm really worried about is people taking offense to this. I mean the act of me handing someone a set of rules before a particular activity. Kind of rude? But fuck it. I'm what you would call "important" and "hard to please."