Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sounds of Late Night 3/25/09


All American Rejects
12:35pm on Fallon (NBC)
I'm not going to bullshit anyone right now. I like this band. The song "Gives You Hell" is a hit and I don't care what any of you music snobs say. I'm gonna watch this and it's not just because I enjoy Jimmy Fallon's hosting abilities.
They might be playing "I Wanna" the first song off of When the World Comes Down. It was recently released as the followup single to "Gives You Hell" but honestly it doesn't matter to me. Tyson Ritter is just so dreamy.

Ra Ra Riot
12:35pm on Ferguson (CBS)
You want to see a good live show? Check out Ra Ra Riot. They haven't been around for too long but they've found their place in the college music world. It's pretty much basic indie tracks and vocals with the addition of lovely ladies playing violin and cello. I have not one clue on what they're going to play. Let's see if Craig Ferguson can stop talking about himself for long enough so they can actually go on.

11:35 on Leno (NBC)
Yes. Prince and Leno together again at last. If you don't already know, Prince has been slowly releasing tracks online since the start of this year. It was all leading up to the release of LOtUSFLOW3R (yes, with a 3) his 25th studio album. But wait! You want more Prince!? Don't you worry. He's going to release a 2nd album called MPLSoUND. As if that weren't enough he's planning to be on Leno for 3 nights in a row to promote this explosion of releases. 
I don't recommend watching every night. I actually advise against it. Please don't get me wrong, Prince is an incredible musician, but I can only take so much in-your-face promotion.

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  1. i like the all american rejects too, always have, and if they keep putting stuff out like this, probably always will. and i think the singer of like ra ra riot sounds like william beckett of the academy is... (well he does in my favorite song "can you tell") and that's not a terrible thing.

    sorry, mono makes me do this when i'm not sleeping.