Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Late Night Music 09/09/09

wow 09/09/09 wow

Only one thing matters today. and that is...

11:30pm on Letterman (CBS)
If anyone would like to ever get in a fist fight with me I can give you one sure-fire way to make it happen. Tell me that American Gangster is a bad album. I can't promise I'll win the physical fight, but you'll be hurting. Hospital hurting.

With that said, there is no way Blueprint 3 is going to disappoint me. And it's pretty easy to lose my vote when it comes to hip-hop. "D.O.A" is a great song, although it took some time for me to get accustomed to it. "Run This Town" is obviously an instant hit because Rihanna can do no wrong and even with Kayne's shitty shitty shitty verse it still has pop appeal.

I won't know for sure whether this album is great or not until I hear the whole thing in high quality, but on paper (Drake, Kid Cudi, Justice samples, Pharrel etc.), it's kind of blowing me away.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Late Night Music 9/8/09

Weak night! Absolutely revolting, personally.

John Fogerty
12:35pm on Fallon (NBC)
Do people still... like John Fogerty? I guess CCR was great and everything but... it's 2009. Time to move on I say. So for the people I just personally offended... CHECK HIM OUT ON FALLON! Woo. I mean, I assume he's performing. But if you're a true fan you won't care either way. And for those of you on the fence, let me show you the cover art for his "new" album.

Yup. Chew on that.

The Cure
1:35am on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC)
Originally aired on 6/4/09. HELLOOOOOO people. It's The Cure. This is the band that all those emo-punk rip-offs from nowadays wish they could kind of, sort of sound like. Show some respect.

Late Night Music 9/7/09 LABOR DAY!

It's Labor Day so everything I'm posting right now is a repeat... oh well, you'll forgive me.

In case you missed it...

Eric Hutchinson
11:35pm on Conan (NBC)
Originally aired on 7/24/09.
Aww, Eric Hutchinson. He's so adorable and unassuming. This guy's actually been at it for a while now and it's only recently that he's gotten the credit that he deserves. Sounds Like This is Hutchinson's 3rd album and has been doing pretty well on the charts. Pretty well for bouncy, happy, folky, poppy, rock.

Jimmy Buffet
12:35pm on Fallon (NBC)
Yeah. I'm not even touching this one.

Spring It!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

No but really. I'm back.

Summer's over, enough fucking around.

I'm gonna do this dance again.