Monday, September 7, 2009

Late Night Music 9/7/09 LABOR DAY!

It's Labor Day so everything I'm posting right now is a repeat... oh well, you'll forgive me.

In case you missed it...

Eric Hutchinson
11:35pm on Conan (NBC)
Originally aired on 7/24/09.
Aww, Eric Hutchinson. He's so adorable and unassuming. This guy's actually been at it for a while now and it's only recently that he's gotten the credit that he deserves. Sounds Like This is Hutchinson's 3rd album and has been doing pretty well on the charts. Pretty well for bouncy, happy, folky, poppy, rock.

Jimmy Buffet
12:35pm on Fallon (NBC)
Yeah. I'm not even touching this one.

Spring It!

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