Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay. I'll admit. I'm kind of late. Please feel free to blame me if you missed something on late night in the past month. I'm actually going to start doing this dance now. Maybe I'm saying this because I'm on spring break and have nothing else to do. Maybe I'm being genuine. It's hard to tell.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 18!!!!!! (AKA National Hangover Day)
The times I'm posting are the start times of the shows. I have absolutely no idea when the bands will play. You can't expect me to do all the work.

Modest Mouse
11:30pm on Letterman (CBS)
Definitely worth watching if you ask me. They're releasing an EP of b-sides from Good News... and We Were Dead... but it's not expected until late summer. I'm kind of curious as to what they're promoting...
12:05am on Kimmel (ABC)
Now I'm not particularly interested in this one but I hear it's what the kiddies are into these days. Just your basic electro house music. Two dj's join forces to do what they do best. Their second album Fist of God was released earlier today and I'm guessing they'll be playing the single "Bounce" although I could be wrong. The only thing that will make this interesting for me is to see them mix live. Personally, I can only appreciate MSTRKRFT with a drink in my hand and at least 3 strobe lights in the room.

Vampire Weekend
12:35am on Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
Okay, break out the African drums. Do I even have to pitch this one? Just when I thought Vampire Weekend was on the way down they snag a spot on Fallon. I'm not really surprised because the first few weeks of the show have been all of his favorites. Again, I'm not positive on what they're promoting especially since their first album has been out for a while now but I suppose since MTV milked them dry over the summer it's time for them to break out into something new.

So those are my picks. If these performances suck don't come crying to me.

Maybe I'll write a followup post and review the shows. But seriously. It's me. So don't hold your breath.


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  1. as far as vampire weekend goes, i read that they are performing a "new" song. "new" because apparently they've been performing it live for a few months, but it hasn't been released in any way.