Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Late Night Music 5/19/09 Nuttin Special


Blink 182
11:34pm on Leno (NBC)
If you missed them last night, no fear. Blink 182 will be performing again on Leno.

Iron & Wine
12:37pm on Fallon (NBC)
Iron & Wine aka Samuel Beam is probably some of my favorite folky rock music this side of the Mississippi. Most know him best for his deconstructed version of Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" but he's sitting pretty on about five albums and few more EPs. Around the Well was released today which is an entire 2-disc album of "b-sides and rarities." Expect to hear one of those ditties tonight.

1:36am on Daly (NBC)
Meh. Keane. They released their 3rd album last year and just finished up a tour in March. I have no idea what they're doing on Carson and I don't really care. Don't get me wrong, "Somewhere Only We Know" is and always will be my jam, but I can only stand so much banging on a piano. But regardless, check 'em out if you care more than I do. Don't say I never did anything nice for you, Keane.

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