Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5/20/09 Late Night Musak


Grizzly Bear
11:30pm on Letterman (CBC)
I am a fan. Grizzly Bear is friendly Indie-Rock with some of the cleanest, purist vocals I've heard in a while (reminiscent of old-school INXS [which I'm a sucker for]). Their third studio album, Veckatimest is out next week and it's already received crazy-good reviews.

Here's a video from the last time they played on Letterman, promoting the EP, Friend.

Mandy Moore
11:34pm on Leno (NBC)
I'm not going to bullshit you. When I think of Mandy Moore I start singing the song "Candy" from 1999 (which has been stuck in my head for the past 4 days, ever since I saw she was performing on Leno this week). Her new album, Amanda Leigh, is out next week and judging by the title she's really grown up... or something. I'm sure her sound has matured since her "Candy" days but I really haven't heard anything from her since then. So if you're curious... check her out tonight.

No Doubt
12:05 on Kimmel (ABC)
COME ON! It's No Doubt! Not Gwen... No Doubt! New album in the near/distant future and tour this summer! I'm pumped! Clearly...

The Airborne Toxic Event
1:36 on Daly (NBC)
This band/album was my spot this winter! "Sometime Around Midnight" was on absolutely every playlist I created. I'll definitely be checking this performance out although I'm not a fan of the Last Call with Carson Daly stage... way to big and flashy for my taste. I'm thinking they'll play "Happiness is Overrated" but I've been wrong in the past. ATE is an awesome live band and worth checking out.

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