Monday, May 18, 2009

Late Night Music 5/18/09


Blink 182
11:34pm on Leno (NBC)
Need I say more? They're back together. Period. It's going to be amazing. Period.
They're also going to be on tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer (who knows who'll be tacked on as supporting acts...). These boys know how to produce an effective comeback.

White Rabbits
11:30pm on Letterman (CBC)
Indie band, indie name. Pretty typical American Indie dance-rock. They'll remind of you The Walkmen and possible Franz Ferdinand. The band's sophomore album is out tomorrow (It's Frightening) and this will be they're second appearance on Letterman. White Rabbits is an extremely solid live band so check out this performance if you like their sound.

Here's the video from their last visit to Letterman performing "The Plot."

Method Man & Redman
12:37 on Fallon (NBC)
I think they should just collectively change they're name to Joined-at-the-Hip. They act together, they rap together, they probably share the same wife. Honestly, I'm not interested enough to research what they're promoting tonight but I'm guessing it's either 2 things. They've got an album coming out or High How 2 is in post-production.

Okay, I gave in. The two of them are releasing their second collaborative album Blackout! 2. You gotta give me credit. My guesses were eerily close.

That's it for tonight. Link this blog please!!!


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