Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chester French on Jimmy Fallon

I'm absolutely puzzled. As if I weren't distracted enough trying to do my homework... Chester French is performing on Jimmy Fallon. My first thought, without looking at my television, is "this song really sucks. I seriously hope this isn't what the kids are into these days." My second thought is "this person cannot sing. At all." And then, I look at the screen.

My best description is this...

A group of college kids go out to a bar. There is karaoke in the corner. Chester French is a shy red-headed lad who is just psyched to even be invited out with this group of people. Too bad he doesn't drink (with an alcoholic father he feels he needs to commit to sober living) or else he'd be having a better time. Oh wait! Some drunk jock has convinced Chester that all the cool kids get up and do karaoke! With a tamborine in hand young Chessy breaks out of his shell and belts out a hollow dance ballad straight outta 1983.

Don't believe me? It'll be on Hulu in the morning. Make your own judgments.

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